Fair Promotes Health and Fitness

One determinant of a healthy and progressive nation is healthy individuals. These individuals, in turn, make up the community which turns into a nation in terms of economic and social interactions. One good way to promote health and wellness is through health fairs that provide the basic health services. This is done to ensure that the basic health needs of individuals are met and community programs are implemented.In connection to this, the Fitness Fiesta Health Fair Saturday at the Westside Community Center provided basic health services to the residents of New Braunfels, Texas. Several booths were set up to discuss diseases and other health programs like speech disabilities in children and health advice in early childhood. Parenting classes were also held during the day’s affair. The booth for the American Cancer Society, sponsored by Bob Peterson, handed out pamphlets about the early warning signs for cancer.The health fair also provided free medical health screenings like blood tests. Free transportation to hospitals in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Seguin were also provided by Peterson and other volunteers for diagnostic tests and treatment. These were part of the American Cancer Society’s program on cancer patients.The event proved to be a success as almost 700 people attended it. This is according to Rosie Sherrow of the Institute for Public Health and Education Research (TIPHER) where she is the fitness and health coordinator. The event is on its 5th year running and has been helping the people all the while. One who attended and benefitted from the said event was Awilda Ramos. She shares that she learned so many things like the importance of exercise as well as learned about the other services that the community offers. She also said that fairs like this serve as the venue for information dissemination as she got here free parenting classes.One good way to living a healthy life is by equipping yourself with health information. Information on healthy foods and proper exercise are vital in keeping yourself healthy and fit. Another important factor to be considered in staying healthy is monitoring your health. On the average, a person will have to pay about $300 on annual tests every year. To some, spending this amount is quite hard on the budget. This now comes the benefit of health fairs. In addition, weight loss information is also being tackled during such events. Take advantage of these services and start living a healthy life.

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